Bird Watching in the Blue Ridge

birding, birds, birdwatching, bird watchingOn any given day at the Blue Ridge Manor Bed and Breakfast, you will see a host of birds. The Cardinal, Carolina Chickadee, Doves, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Song Sparrow and Tufted Titmouse and on a rare occasion the Rose-breasted Grosebeak. They dine daily with our eight gray squirrels, two chipmunks and 2 flying squirrels. The whole gang seems pretty content to call our country bed and breakfast home as they don’t mind sharing crumbs with our two dogs, Zeus and Goliath. We are officially listed as a eBird hotspot in Virginia. There are two website that I think you will find very useful for your own birding activities. For more information check out eBirds and All About Birds.


Name: Blue Ridge Manor Bed and Breakfast
State/Province: US-VA
Latitude: 36.645
Longitude: -80.64

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